Projects & Partnerships

China’s Children International believes that uniting the Chinese adoptee community and giving back can go hand
in hand. Since we know some of our members are interested in volunteering and many are interested in meeting local adoptees, we are thrilled to provide a way for our members to do both at once through our volunteer initiatives and partnerships. 


One Sky/CCI Adoptee Volunteer Trip

CCI has partnered with OneSky Foundation to offer a unique volunteer experience designed for Chinese adoptees. These volunteer programs allow adoptees to make lasting friendships and connections while empowering them to make a difference. This Volunteer Program Initiative plays a strong role into our mission of empowering the adoptee community through giving back.  We encourage our members to take some time to learn about Half the Sky’s important work and to join CCI’s Volunteer Program Initiative.


adoption today:
reflections column

Jessie here! I’m a proud board member at CCI and lucky to also be a columnist for Adoption Today! We've been given the opportunity to self-direct and edit the bi-monthly “Reflections” column in the Adoption Today magazine. The column features a question that adoptees respond to.

CCI is by and for adoptees, and so the “reflections” column is a fantastic medium for adoptees like us to openly express our thoughts and opinions. 



China CARE

CCI would like to thank Harvard China Care for having us at their fundraiser this year. CCI is proud to support China Care in their quest to help save the lives of medically fragile and orphaned children in China.  We believe that China Care embodies the spirit of activism, empowerment, and service that we should all strive to emulate. Thank you for all of your hard work, and keep on being awesome, China Care!  

A huge shout out also goes to our members, who are the heart of our community and make it the wonderful place it is. We wish you all could have been there in person celebrating CCI's successes with us! 



Connect-A-Kid offers adoptees of all ages a unique opportunity to make a difference in their local community by offering friendship and guidance to adopted youth. Connect-A-Kid is a team based mentorship program for adopted children. For just a few hours every month, you can positively impact the lives of multiple young adoptees. These children will look to you for friendship and guidance-what better way to make a difference in this world?