Message from an Unknown Adoptee

"Message from an Unknown Adoptee" is CCI's Special Edition Newsletter. The project was inspired by Xinran's novel Message from an Unknown Chinese Mother and coordinated by CCI Board Member Katie Holz. The project offers Chinese adoptees a special opportunity to share messages addressed to their birthparents with the readers of the online newsletter. The written and artistic works reflect the diverse voices in our Chinese adoptee community. 

We are so pleased to learn that "Message from an Unknown Adoptee" serves as a resource for adoptees seeking comfort in knowing they are not alone in their journey or how they are feeling towards their biological parents. 

Though initial publication was in June 2013, we have since updated it to include  any additional submissions. Therefore, we would be more than happy to add to the current version if we receive any more messages.



Chinese adoptees, what would you like to ask or say to your birthparents? What do you want them to know about you? What do you want to know about them?

This is your chance to express these thoughts and have it published for viewing by a large audience of adoptive families, other adoptees, and even those not personally affected by adoption. 

Submissions are open to Chinese adoptees of all ages and can be in any medium (i.e. letters, poems, artwork, and free writes). 


  • You must be a Chinese adoptee
  • Include your first and last name, initials, or anonymous as the source of the piece.
  • Include your current age
  • Age when adopted and city/province of adoption are optional

CCI will be reviewing submissions and publishing a special edition newsletter as an initial project dealing with adoptee submissions. Please email us your submissions in adherence to the guidelines. Though this project was published in 2013, if you are still interested in participating, get in touch!

to the readers of this newsletter,

We are China’s Children International, an organization for adoptees, by adoptees. This is Katie Holz, one of the Board Members of CCI and the manager of this project. I am so excited to share this project with you all. But I could not have done it alone...

        CCI’s “Message from an Unknown Adoptee” Special Edition Summer Newsletter comes at a time when the Chinese adoptee community is growing by leaps and bounds, connecting in new and important ways. I couldn’t be more thrilled to share these heartfelt messages with our parents, friends, and the adoptee community. I wish to thank Xinran for her inspiring novels and kindness towards Chinese adoptees, as well as Hannah Lyon, Nicole G., and the CCI Board, who all patiently edited countless drafts with me. I also wish to thank the organizations who have worked with CCI and helped promote this project. And finally, I wish to thank the adoptees and adoptive families who have supported us from the very beginning.

        To the contributors, everyone from CCI carries deep gratitude to you for sharing your unique, personal experiences. We literally couldn’t have done this without you, adoptees. As the editors, arrangers, and planners, we are simply awed by the power of YOU.

Katie Holz and the rest of the CCI Board
Charlotte Cotter, Laney Allison, Jessie Lutz, and Maia Stack