November is (Inter)National Adoption Awareness Month! #NAAM2018

November is (Inter)National Adoption Awareness Month! #NAAM2018

National Adoption Awareness Month 2018 with CCI

November is National Adoption Awareness Month. This year, participate in #NAAM2018 with China’s Children International. In a landscape dominated by narratives from adoption agencies and adoptive parents, let’s hear those beautiful #adopteevoices take precedence. By speaking out and telling our stories, we can challenge the narrative of adoption as a clear-cut, perfect solution and the expectation of the adoptee as the grateful child. Rather, by sharing our diverse experiences, we can uncover the complexity and explore the candid emotions that accompany adult adoptees on the life-long, ever-evolving adoption process.


Facebook Frame

Raise awareness about National Adoption Awareness Month and tell your friends that being an adoptee matters to you with CCI’s NAAM2018 Profile Photo Frame! Consider adding our community frame to your profile picture for the month of November in solidarity with Chinese Adoptee voices.


Share your story in our Fall 2018 E-Magazine, a platform for Chinese adoptees to share their artistic and written work in a formal, published platform. For the first time, CCI’s E-magazine is focusing on photographic essays and submissions. Send in your piece today to contribute to a platform that is committed and dedicated to amplifying the Chinese adoptee voice.

November Guest Speaker Chat

The annual CCI November Guest Chat is a special edition of our Adoptee Only Guest Speaker series and is held in honor of November (Inter)National Adoption Month. For our extra special CCI November Guest Chat, CCI is honored to welcome the amazing Grace Newton, Chinese adoptee and author of Red Thread Broken, a popular blog on transracial adoption.