cci community videos

Throughout the years, CCI has produced videos where members of the community have shared pieces of their adoptee experience. We invite you to watch the videos below!

For China's Children International's 5th Anniversary, we are proud to present our "I'm a Chinese adoptee..." video!! The term "adoption" and being an "adoptee" sometimes carries misconceptions and false-notions about one. Here we break down what being an adoptee really means— much more than being an adoptee.

In 2014, this video was shared at the Harvard China Care. Members of the leadership team shared what makes CCI a unique organization and what impact the group and community has had on their lives.

Created for our third anniversary, this video showcases the diversity of our community. We're from all over the world!

Being a Chinese adoptee is something to be proud about!

Do you have an idea for CCI's next video, or do you have a video you want to share with the community? If you do, please don't hesitate to send your idea/video to