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  1. A Message from IAMAdoptee Founder Sung Joo Lee

  2. New Book on Kunming, Yunnan from CCI Adoptive Parent

  3. Korean Adoptee Introduces Scholarship for Adoptees in Memory of his Brother, Walter J. Poirier

  4. Introducing Adopted Youth for Abandoned Children

  5. Chinese Adoptee Twin Sisters Launch Petition Proposing Amendment Allowing Adoptees to Run for President of the United States of America

  6. 2019 KAAN Conference Registration Open

  7. Seeking Chinese Adoptees to take a survey for a Master's Program Study

  8.  AKA Announces Scholarship for Adoptees

  1. A message from IAMADOPTEE founder Sung Joo Lee


I Am Adoptee is an organization created by Adoptees for Adoptees. It is a way for Adoptees to connect with other Adoptees locally, nationally, and globally. By creating I AM Adoptee, I am hoping all Adoptees will have easier access in connecting with each other especially area that does not have a large population of Adoptees. In addition I AM Adoptee provides adoption content created by adoptees, resource information about adoption.  

In addition, I AM Adoptees VISION- created by adoptees for adoptees, I AM Adoptee comes from the singular vision that the international adopted person is the heart of the international overseas adoption story. We seek to provide our international adoptee members with a platform to find others like ourselves, to make connections and to share the many ways we can help each other. At I AM Adoptee; we welcome you, the adoptee, to be the narrator, commentator and contributor through this interactive community. No matter where you are in your discovery of your international adoption identity, I AM Adoptee seeks to provide resources to guide you through your journey by crowdsourcing ideas and inviting your participation in the worldwide conversation of how adoption has impacted millions of people.

All membership is Free. Please help spread the word and get everyone registered for I AM Adoptee. We are one million strong and let our voices and presence be felt within our community and the world

How do I register?

Before you register, please make sure you have access to TWO (2) separate photos.

1) “Referral” adoption photo. If you do not have a “Referral” photo, please use a photo that represents your “adoption beginnings” (I.E infant or toddler picture). Regardless of our stories, all adoptees had a beginning and it is critical that all members share their beginning with the community.

2) “Current” photo. The current photo represents you now. Make sure you select that picture that best defines you who are now!

These two photos will be your profile membership that represents you and I AM Adoptee.

Click on website link here. For easier registration I would suggest registering on a laptop and desktop. You can access I AM Adoptee on a mobile device but for the first time registration, I recommend the above. You will get a list of questions and required to upload two photos as noted above.

It is required to upload your “Referral” and Current Photo for the website to approve your membership. The more information you can share about your adoption the greater chance you will be able to connect with other Adoptees with similar information and interests within your location.

If you are interested in volunteering and/or want to submit any work created by you, please email iamadoptee@gmail.com

Please join US and become part of the I AM Adoptee community!

Dated February 4th, 2019

2. New Book on kunming, Yunnan from CCI adoptive parent

Green Lake: Reflections from the Surface of China.jpeg

A message from one of our members: Hi everyone! This post is mainly for adoptive parents. In 2002 my adoptive parents and I moved to China for a year. We spent a year in Kunming, Yunnan Province. My dad has written a book about his experiences there. There are also insights as to what it's like having an adopted Chinese girl living in China with two western parents. This is a great read for anyone interested in visiting or living in China. It's also a great book for anyone adopted from Kunming or Yunnan Province. There are lots of photos too! His book is available on AAmazon as an e-book and also paperback book to order. Any support would be greatly appreciated!

Dated February 4th, 2019

3. Korean Adoptee Introduces College Scholarship for Adoptees in Memory of his brother, walter j. poirier

Korean Adoptee Chris Poirier has partnered with ASIA Families to create a $2500 scholarship for eligible adoptees in memory of his brother, Walter Jonathan Poirier.

In February 2001, when Chris was 10 years old, his older brother Walter was working as a Peace Corps volunteer in Bolivia. One day, Walter vanished and was never heard from again.

Walter Jonathan Poirier

Walter Jonathan Poirier

In Chris’s words: “My brother was always about making a difference, through his actions, in the spirit of helping those in need. I’m always told about the difference he made in people’s lives when I meet so many residents in the community I grew up in.”

“As painful as this experience was for my family and me, the best way I believe to honor his life is to build this scholarship fund so generations of adoptees can have support for their education.”

“So, with this scholarship, every recipient will not just get to know me, but Walter’s story as well. His story will be able to be told, and his spirit will be passed on, through me, to other adoptees in search for higher learning, just like Walter used to always search for knowledge.”

Eligibility: This scholarship is open to adoptees who are currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs in the United States.

Application Requirements: To apply for this scholarship, you must:

  • Complete the application form.

  • Write an essay or create a video statement (see the application for details).

  • Obtain a transcript from your college or university.

  • Forward the application form, essay, and transcript to Grace Song, Executive Director of ASIA Families by March 31, 2019.

Selection Process:   A selection committee consisting of Grace Song, Chris Poirier, and Sarah O’Neill, the president of the Boston Korean Adoptees will review the applications. All applicants will be notified with the final decision by April 30, 2019.

Award Amount and Ceremony: One finalist will receive a $2,500 scholarship. The scholarship will be awarded on May 15, 2019 at the closing ceremony for ASIA Families’ Korean Culture School in Rockville, MD.

Learn more about and apply for the Walter J. Poirier Endowment Scholarship here.
Dated March 1, 2019

4. Introducing Adopted Youth for Abandoned Children

Hello CCI Members,

My name is Mia Swanson, and I am a fellow young Chinese adoptee. I am working on an organization, currently called Adopted Youth for Abandoned Children (AYAC)  to join together Chinese adoptees in the USA in order to help orphans still in China. I thought there would be so much we could do and learn from each other, in addition to making a difference. 

My goals are:

1. To get know each other and build a community together.

2. To pen pal with orphans in China and share our cultures. 

3. Work to provide one thing for one Chinese orphanage yearly, that they feel they need to make life easier. 

4. Raise awareness and advocate for these children to also get adopted. 

Thank you for reading. With a youth-led board of caring leaders and adoptees, I believe we can make this happen. 

If this is of interest to you, please contact me at miaswanson@gmail.com. I’m glad to answer any questions or concerns, and hear any ideas you have or discuss any role you’d like to play in this effort. :) Here is a Google Docs with more information, and I will update it weekly based on your questions.

Dated January 10, 2019

5.Chinese Adoptee Twin Sisters Launch Petition Proposing Amendment Allowing Adoptees to Run for President of the United States of America

Hello China's Children International,

My name is AnMei. I was adopted from China with my twin sister, JiaLi, when I was 10 months old and have been living in the United States ever since. I am now 13 years old and in 7th grade at Wydown Middle School in St. Louis, MO.

When I was in fourth grade we were learning about the government and I realized that because I was adopted from another country I am not allowed to become president of the US. The law that prevents children like me from becoming president is called the “natural citizen” law and basically means that in order to become the president you must be born as a US citizen.

I found this very unfair and decided to do something about it. I, with the help of my sister and a friend who was also adopted internationally at a young age, started a petition proposing that the US House and Senate make an amendment to the constitution allowing children who were adopted at 10 years old or younger to become president following all other requirements. In just a few short months and with help from many teachers and friends we were able to collect over 200 signatures on paper, and within the past month or two, we got over 80 more on change.org.

If you agree with our proposal, please support our project by signing our petition on change.org here: https://www.change.org/p/allow-adopted-kids-to-become-president
Thank you,

Dated March 1, 2019

6. 2019 KAAN Conference #KAAN 2019


Registration for #KAAN2019 is NOW open! Register online at www.WeAreKAAN.org.

KAAN (the Korean Adoptee and Adoptive Family Network) is offering some new ticket options this year so please read through the information carefully to ensure you are purchasing all of the tickets you need for your #KAAN2019 experience. Early Bird registration pricing ends on April 15. 

On our home page you'll find our exciting main stage performers and keynotes. More program details will be released in the coming days and weeks. 

We are a looking forward to seeing you in Minneapolis in June! #KAANCommunity

Dated February 14, 2019

7. Seeking chinese adoptees to take survey for a master’s program study

Hi everyone! I'm doing a study for my master's program at Peking University on Chinese adoptees. Would love for you all to take this survey. Should only be 10-15 minutes of your time. (apologize that some things are in Chinese, you should be able to translate it using google translate in Chrome). Find survey here

Dated January 1, 2019

8. AKA Announces Very First Scholarship for Adoptees


Also-Known-As has established a scholarship program to acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of young dynamic adoptees attending college.  The Also-Known-As Adoptee Excellence Scholarship is a $1,000 scholarship for an outstanding graduating high school senior or undergraduate student who was adopted to the United States from another country.  

The Adoptee Excellence Scholarship is open to international adoptees who demonstrate the attributes of leadership, drive, integrity, and good citizenship. Also-Known-As seeks candidates who have used their formative youth experiences and insight gained through navigating their own adoption story to lead, serve, and pursue a life of purpose and significance, both individually and for their communities.  

International adoptees are invited to apply if they were adopted to the U.S. from another country; age 25 or under as of the application deadline; and plan to enroll full-time in fall 2019 in an undergraduate degree program at an accredited U.S. college, university, or vocational-technical school. Financial need is not a consideration. The scholarship will be awarded in May 2019.

Application deadline: April 15, 2019!  Please see their website for application materials and send any questions to the Scholarship Committee at scholarship@alsoknownas.org.

Dated February 14th, 2019