Our list of resources is a work in project that we hope our entire community can contribute to and we encourage people to email us with any resources they know of. They can email resources and reviews to

Adoptees in the News

October 2017 | Sinica Podcast: A conversation with Chinese adoptees in the U.S. featuring Charlotte Cotter

August 11, 2017 | Two Decades By Taylor Shennett

September 22 2017 | The Struggle for Identity as an Asian American Adoptee by Kristin Lauritsch

September 1 2016 | An Adoptee is Returning to China by Olivia Wolf    

June 1 2016 | Humans of New York features a Chinese Adoptee

June 6 2016 | Story of Alena Mulhern, Run for President in 2040

March 31 2016 | Same-Sex Couples Can Now Adopt Children In  All 50 States

March 30 2016 | A 'Lost' Daughter Speaks, and All of China Listens by Jenna Cook

February 11 2016 | Born Chinese, raised American, an adoptee explores her identity By Mary Kay Magistad

January 27 2016 | As A Child Born During China's One-Child Policy, I Was One Of The Lucky Ones by Olivia Ellis

December 18 2015 | Submission by Maya Xia Ludtke

December 16 2015 | Chinese Adoptees at Home in America by Rena Silverman

December 14 2015 | I Hate Being Judged Because I Look Different Than My Adoptive Family by mma Goddard                                                 

September 25 2015 | China’s one-child policy led to my adoption — and a more privileged life

Downloadable PDFs

Chinese Language Resources

Birth Parent Search Manual


The Monkey King’s Daughter An empowering series for young readers, especially girls dealing with growing up in two cultures. The books are exciting, uplifting and feature a young Chinese-American heroine.

Chinese Language Learning

Chinese-English Dictionaries

  • Chineasy - A system for learning Chinese via pictographs. 
  • Chinese Notes - A useful site for anyone interested in Chinese culture and language.
  • MDGB - An online dictionary and translation tool.
  • NCIKU - Chinese-English dictionary complete with example sentences, as well as dialogues.

Non-Mandarin Resources


Apps and Video Channels

  • CCTVCCTV is a widely viewed TV channel in China that offers outsiders an inside scope of everyday life in China. There is no better way to learn Chinese than immersing yourself in its language and culture!
  • PlecoChinese dictionary app complete with handwriting input, audio supplements, document readers, and flashcards.
  • SkritterLearn how to write Chinese and Japanese characters. Skritter can help you practice writing characters in the correct stroke order.  With their huge catalog of textbooks, you can easily pick and study the vocabulary. It supports 181 different commonly used Chinese textbooks such as Integrated ChineseNi Hao, and the Chih-p'ing Chou textbooks. 
  • Yoyo Chinese

Adoptee Blogs and Organizations

Dear Adoption A blog made up of letters from adoptees whose motto is give voice to those most affected by adoption: adoptees. The site includes a nice list of resources for adult adoptees that we highly recommend.

Red Thread Blog Grace Newton's blog "exposing the red thread myth in relation to adoption."

The Here and Nao Naomi's personal youtube channel focusing on making videos about her travels, being an Adoptee and promoting East Asian Voices and Media in Britain

Alex Brennan Productions Alex's youtube channel focusing on being an Adoptee 

Confessions of an Adoptee A thought-provoking blog that posts some of the innermost thoughts and feelings that adoptees have in relation to their adoption and identities. Submissions are primarily published anonymously.

One World: Chinese Adoptee Links CAL is the first global group created by Chinese adoptees. Their blog showcases various guest writers' pieces and reflects the global community of Chinese adoptees.

Our China Stories Since 1992, more than 140,000 children have left China for homes in some sixteen countries. Here, Chinese adoptees, their families and friends tell their stories.

Chinawistful Hi, my name is Kate! I am passionate about different cultures, make people happy, and adoption. My blog story will always be inspiration and heart warming for adoptees and adoptive parents who adopt their children to help understand the deaf community and how to access communication and American Sign Language (ASL). 

Myownrace "In this blog, I am going to focus on my story of adoption. I will try to explain how it has effected me in the past, how it is effecting me now, and what I expect for the future."

Red Thread Broken "This blog includes personal questions, reflections, upcoming adoptee events, literature reviews and responses to recent adoptee media, as well as the ideas of what it means to be Chinese American. This blog presents a more holistic view of international adoption as opposed to the "Hallmarkization" as portrayed in the media."

Transracial Eyes "A resource for those exploring the ideas of transracial and/or international adoption, whose primary raison d’etre is to provide a platform for adoptees to speak without censorship. We therefore make no apologies for what we think and feel here, nor do we serve anyone but adoptees."

Stories from an Adoptee I started my blog in October 2015. I want to create more awareness about adoption. I would like to give people the full impression about being adopted. Not only negative effects but also the positive ones. Adoption is for me a way of living. It made me for who I am. My adoption gave me a second life but gives me also a lot of pain. Therefore these stories are about lost, loss, love and friendship. These themes are universal and I hope other people can relate to my stories too. I am a very creative person and therefore it's an artistic blog I love to paint and write so a lot of items are made by me. If I see something else very inspiring I also put it on my blog. My blog tells stories about how I deal with adoption and how it inspires me in life. Love, the Happy Panda!

We Are Not China Dolls A Blog for Asian Adoptees. "Clearing ignorance and confronting racism, as well as transnationalism: Our purpose is to provide a place for adoptees and people to ask questions concerning adoption in Asia."

I'm Chinese But I'm Not For CCI's 5th Anniversary, we are proud to present our video "I'm a Chinese adoptee..." We hope this can bring a better sense of compassion and understanding to those around us. Thank you to everyone who has submitted and expressed their vulnerability. Buzzfeed inspired this video with their "I'm Adopted, But I'm Not" video that was published in National Adoption Month.