CCI Adoptee Only Live Chat Feat. Kira Omans

China’s Children International’s Adoptee Only Chat Featuring Chinese Adoptee actor and Model and the reigning 2015 Pacific Miss Asian American, Kira Omans.

Kira's website:

As part of CCI's Adoptee Only Chats, we have initiated a Guest Speakers project to invite influential figures in the Adoption Community to speak about their inspiring work. Each month, we host a live-streamed video chat over Google+ and Youtube with a reserved amount of spots for our members to listen to our speakers’ stories and engage in productive dialogue; we then share the video with our entire community.


In this way, we hope to inspire further leadership and effective, productive dialogue within the International Adoptee Community. This month, we're extremely honored to welcome Chinese Adoptee, the reigning Pacific Miss Asian American, Kira Omans. She is the first adoptee and the youngest woman (at 20 years old) to hold this title.  As an actress, model, and spokesperson, Kira hopes to create a stronger presence for Asian Americans in the entertainment industry.  She believes that it is important for all people to see themselves represented in our media.