The CCI Community is proud to present our Spring 2018 E-Magazine!! Gratitude to our amazing editors Hannah and Anna and our wonderful designer Harvest!! We're proud to help amplify adoptee voices on a range of different topics and in diverse sets of media. We hope that our members can both enjoy and critically engage with these pieces. Thanks so much to all who submitted as well.

What is the cci e-magazine?

Our E-Magazine offers a wide variety of topics where members are able to have their voices heard. Chinese adoptees of all ages are more than welcome to submit any original pieces, whether it be artwork or writing. Each of our issues center around one theme. 

↠ Overview of CCI & our programs
↠ Features member artwork & writing
↠ Opportunity for external resources to share their work


Meet our Spring 2018 E-Magazine Team

  Harvest Keeney   E-magazine Spring 2018 Designer

Harvest Keeney

E-magazine Spring 2018 Designer

I’m Harvest Keeney. I was adopted from Deyang (Sichuan Province) when I was fourteen months old. I grew up in a very small city located in California’s central valley.

Reflecting on my identity as a Chinese American adoptee did not surface till my senior year of high school. It was then that I began to think more about the complexity of my story and its influence on my life.

Currently, I am a freshman at UC Santa Barbara, aspiring to major in Film and Media Studies and minor in Asian American Studies. With whatever career that I take in the future, I hope that I can help to further Asian representation in the media, and also bring more awareness to adoption and its multidimensional aspects.


  Anna Atoria    E-magazine Spring 2018 Editor   

Anna Atoria

E-magazine Spring 2018 Editor


Anna Atoria is a second year Adelphi University MFA candidate specializing in fiction. She also writes poetry and essays. Born in Nanning and adopted at seven months old, she often writes about her life as a Chinese-born, but Italian and Polish-American raised girl and adoptee.

  Hannah Gardner   E-Magazine Spring 2018 Editor

Hannah Gardner

E-Magazine Spring 2018 Editor

Hannah was born in Jiangxi, China and grew up in a small town outside of Nashville, Tennessee. She recently moved into her first post-college apartment with one of her best friends, two dogs, and a cat. When she's not working as a technical writer, Hannah spends her time watching Netflix, thinking about all the books she hasn't read, and playing with her pets.


Winter 2015

Adoption and Adoptees in the Media