cci e-magazine

2019 E-Mag

What is the cci e-magazine?

CCI’s E-Magazine is an online publication that serves:

↠ To provide a community platform to exchange views and share stories in a supportive environment

↠ To inspire thoughtful dialogue within the Chinese adoptee community

↠ To amplify Chinese adoptee voices within the greater international adoption community. 

Chinese adoptees of all ages are more than welcome to submit any original pieces, whether it be artwork or writing. Each of our issues usually center around one theme, although we welcome submissions on any topic. 

what does our e-magazine feature?

↠ Overview of CCI & our programs
↠ Features community member artwork & writing
↠ Opportunity for external resources to share their work

Fall / Winter E-magazine 2018

CCI's 2019 E-Magazine is HERE!!!!! 🥳🎊🎉

We are SO proud of everyone who worked so hard and put in so many hours on this stunning issue, from our amazing contributors, to our dedicated team of editors and designers, and, of course, our peerless E-Magazine Director Emily!! Read her message below! 

Hello everyone! My name is Emily Finley and I am the CCI 2018/2019 Magazine Editor! I'm currently a senior majoring in design and am extremely excited to graduate this May! Yay adulthood! :) 
But I'd love for you guys to check out 5+ months of work from an amazing team of editors + designers (Tegen Addie / Lili + Sam / Rebecka / Marina / Bilan) alongside extra help from CCI's Board (Ming / Charlotte / Sophie / Ava) + beautiful contributions from YOU GUYS! <3 Wow!! What an incredible time it has been working with each and every one of you. I hope you can find as much meaning and understanding from this publication as I have found ~ and I am so, so, excited to share it with you!

So CCI, how do you Identify?


CCI Communal Map for Future E-Magazine 20??

Creating a Communal CCI Map!

Adoptees and adoptive parents, CCI is creating a global map and a map of China to display where our members were adopted and where they are now. This graphic will be featured in our Winter CCI E-Magazine. If you would like to participate please fill out the survey linked below.