Guest Speaker Series: Get Involved, Interact, Learn

As part of CCI's Adoptee Only Chats, we have initiated a Guest Speakers project to invite influential figures in the Adoption Community to speak about their inspiring work. Each month, we host a live-streamed video chat over Google+ and YouTube, moderated by a CCI board member and with a reserved amount of spots for our members to listen to our speakers’ stories and engage in productive dialogue. We then share the video with our community.


This project gives our members a chance to speak "in person” with influential figures in the Adoption Community. Speakers share their fascinating life stories and personal journeys so far. Many are also advocates for Asians in media and entertainment and are actively engaged in organizing the adoptee community.

Previous guests have included: Grace Newton, author of Red Thread Broken; Lynelle Long, founder of InterCountry Adoptee Voices; Dan Matthews (DANakaDAN); Jennifer Jue-Steuck, founder of Chinese Adoptee Links / Global Generations; Jenna Ushkowitz and Sam Futerman, founders of Kindred Adoption; Mike McDonald, host of the Rambler podcast; and Kira Omans, 2015 Pacific Miss Asian American.

Format of Chats

The chats are in the form of live-streamed video-chats over the chatting platform Google Hangouts and streamed over the popular video site YouTube. They are moderated by a CCI Board Member about their experience in the Adoption Community. After a short introduction, CCI members are allowed to freely inquire about the speaker's career and influence in the greater community.


After a Guest Speaker chat announced, we open an online sign-up form for Chinese adoptees to register for a spot in the video chat itself. (These attendees *MUST* be Chinese adoptees. No exceptions.) The form asks for basic contact information (email) and a guarantee that you will have access to a computer and a quiet location during the time of the call. Based on interest from the form, we are able to accommodate a limited number attendees (chosen on a first come, first serve basis). If you receive a space, CCI will email you detailed logistical instructions for joining the chat.

However, everyone in our community (not just Chinese adoptees) is invited to watch the live-stream and to Tweet their questions (@cci_adoptees). Afterwards, the video is posted online in an unlisted link onYouTube.

mission statement

We hope that these chats can inform and inspire those interested in getting more involved in the Chinese Adoptee community and the greater adoption community. In this way, we hope to encourage further leadership and foster effective, productive dialogue within the International Adoptee Community.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Our Guest Speaker chats are NOT endorsements of the individuals, their work, or their personal views on adoption. CCI hosts these events as opportunities for members to interact with influential figures in the Chinese adoptee community.


To be eligible to sign up, please fill in our Video Chat waiver form. You must be a Chinese adoptee who is over 18 to participate.

To sign up for each chat, join our Facebook Group and be on the look-out for sign up forms. Once you sign up, you will receive an email to the address you provide with more detailed instructions. If you do not receive this email, please feel free to reach out to us at our main contact email chinachildreninternational [at] gmail [dot] com.

  1. You must have a Google account to participate. If you don't have one, you must set up an account here.

  2. In order to secure a spot, you must have added us and be online at least 20 minutes prior to the chat start time. You should receive an email or notification with the link to the chat. We will NOT let anyone into the chat who is late.

  3. Please be sure to be in a quiet area while you are on the chat. When other people are speaking, please be sure to mute your microphone by pressing the button that looks like a microphone with a line through it. We will run through all of these rules again once everyone is online.

Any questions or concerns about these chats, please don't hesitate to get in touch!