China's Children International Interviews Mike McDonald, host of The Rambler!

China's Children Interviews Mike McDonald, host of The Rambler!

Bio: Mike McDonald was born in Masan, Korea and adopted to New Jersey at 3 months old. He graduated from Rutgers University in 2007 with a joint degree in History-Political Science and attained a Master's Degree in Business and Organizational Security Management in 2011 from Webster University. He has been involved with the adoption community since he was a child, attending Holt Heritage Camp from 1994-2000, and returned as a camp counselor in 2003.

Mike was heavily involved with Also-Known-As in 2003, volunteering as a Youth Mentor and helped stand up the Teen Mentorship Program. From 2005-2007, he was a board member of AKA and co-directed the Youth Mentorship Program. After attending the IKAA Gathering in Seoul in 2007, he moved to Korea in 2008 and became an active member of GOA'L. Upon returning to New York, Mike started The Rambler Podcast where he interviews international and transracial adoptees after finding that there were few active podcasts featuring adoptees by adoptees and for adoptees. Mike is happy to be entering his second year helping lead the Teen Mentorship Program and first year on Also-Known-As' Advisory Board.

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