Welcome to the CCI UK Chinese Adoptees Facebook group! 🇨🇳🇬🇧

Hi everyone - welcome to the new CCI UK Adoptees group! We are so happy to have you and can't wait to start connecting with other Chinese adoptees based in the UK.

This is a space for UK-based adoptees to share news or discuss topics related to the UK, China, adoption and so on. Plus, it will be CCI’s main channel for organising local, in-person meetups this summer 2019. 🥳

Please keep inviting your friends to join this group as we will be posting topics and news related to adoption, China and the UK!


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Meet your CCI UK Coordinator: Hannah-Mei Grisley

Hello - my name is Hannah and I am the CCI Intern for Summer 2019. I was adopted at 9 months from Guangdong Province and grew up in the UK.

CCI UK Coordinator: Hannah-Mei Grisley

CCI UK Coordinator: Hannah-Mei Grisley

I have always had a fascination and interest in reacquainting myself with my birth country: from my childhood obsession with Adeline Yen-Mah and Mulan, to learning Mandarin at school. I have been lucky enough to return to China for a total of 4 times since my adoption, the first being a “homecoming” tour in 2007 with my family, and have visited my SWI twice. As a recent graduate in French, Mandarin and Business Management from the University of Birmingham (UK), I was able to study at Tsinghua University in Beijing and travel across China.

I have been involved with Chinese adoption organisations in the UK and discovered the CCI Facebook group as a result. Having lived in Hong Kong this past year, I am very thankful for CCI as it has helped me connect with fellow adoptees, and now good friends, in the Greater Bay Area. This is my first time working CCI and I am focusing on increasing awareness of CCI’s international presence and creating resources for adoptees who return to China.

QUESTIONS? E-mail chinachildreninternational@gmail.com