CCI's Snapchat Program

Every week (Monday–Sunday), we invite a new CCI member to access the CCI Snapchat account Story feature to post photos & videos of their daily life, activities, friends… really anything that they'd like to share.

CCI Members who follow CCI’s Snapchat can view this member’s Story! This program allows CCI members to experience the week in the life of a fellow CCI member... a sisterhood of the traveling Snapchat, so to say!

n this way, we hope to help CCI members share a window into their daily life and connect to each other in a fun and engaging way.

 Add us with this Snap code or search for us  @cci_adoptees !

Add us with this Snap code or search for us @cci_adoptees!


Having the CCI Snapchat was a really fun way to interact with a lot of people at one time. I was able to share things that made me unique but also have the opportunity to connect with people whom shared similar interests.
— Andrew Miller
Snapchat was a fun way to both share a little about myself and see a little bit of others.
— Catherine

Want to sign up to host
our snapchat?

  1. Contact Phoebe Balascio, the Snapchat Program Coordinator
  2. Complete the program waiver (with a parent signature, if you are under 18), understand our safety measures, and learn about the login procedure.
  3. Use our account for a week! (Monday morning–Sunday night)
  4. Watch other members' Stories to connect with other Chinese adoptees in CCI

To learn more, please join our Adoptee Only Facebook Page!