CCI's Pen Pal Program connects adoptees from all over the world, building friendships and connections along the way!

If you are interested in participating in CCI's pen pal program please fill out the form below.

Pen pals Maia and Jaia happen to see each other at a renewable energy fair!

Pen pals Maia and Jaia happen to see each other at a renewable energy fair!

CCI’s Pen Pal project is an excellent way to connect with other Chinese adoptees worldwide. I think it’s very meaningful to be able to meet another adoptee, even if it’s through the computer screen.
— Mali Foster
I have made some new friends of various ages. I enjoy talking to my pen pals about adoption, the future, school, personal life, etc. It’s nice to have a person who you can talk to in an enclosed level (via email).
— Kira Johnson
Though my pen pals and I don’t communicate on a daily bassi, it’s nice knowing that there are others with whom I can discuss adoption. I love that CCI is promoting connections within the adoption community.
— Phoebe Balascio

Please read the following:

If you believe or even doubt for a second that your pen pal is not who he/she says they are, please cease communications with your pen pal and contact us immediately. 

Before you two can start chatting, we have a couple friendly reminders:

  1. While our pen pal program is safe, this is still the internet, so DO NOT under any circumstances give out any personal information (i.e. your address, your phone number, any activities that could identify where you are going to be at a certain time...etc.)

  2. Keep the email of your pen pal strictly confidential.

  3. Please be respectful of your pen pal!

  4. Contact the pen pal email if you have any problems or any more questions before filling out the participation form.

  5. When filling out the information, please make sure that all the information is filled out completely and correctly. We can't send an email to an incorrect email address.

Thanks and happy chatting!

join the pen pal program

Through pairing up common interests, we will then match you up with an adoptee pen pal. Please note that you may have to wait two or more weeks from the day you sign up before receiving a pen pal. Only your name and email information from this survey will be sent to a possible pen pal. There is a two week trial period, at the end of which you will be sent a feedback email from CCI to finalize your pen pal. 

Terms of Use:

  1. You MUST be an adoptee to register (No parents or outside adults are allowed to register for a pen pal under any circumstances.)

  2. You must be between 13 and 25 years old to participate.

  3. You must be a part of the main CCI Facebook group before you apply.

  4. If you are under 18, your parent MUST be aware that you are participating in this program.

  5. You MUST let us AND your pen pal know if you decide to drop out of the program at any time.

  6. You must read and agree to the warning at the end of this form.

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