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CCI's Instagram (@cci_adoptees) is dedicated to creating a space for our members to stay connected with the adoptee community and larger API community. We have had series of posts dedicated to influential Asian public figures, Chinese culture, Asian Artist spotlights, etc. Our Instagram page also serves as a place to stay up to date on everything CCI. From meet-ups to guest speakers, you can find all CCI events and programs on our page. We also love to connect with our members. Send us a message about what you want to see on our Instagram page!


Special Feature: Tales from China

Tales from China is an Instagram series featuring images, videos, and stories from CCI's Social Media Coordinator, Calla Kelley-Renda, during her semester abroad in China. Since it was her first time returning to China, Calla was met with different foods, cultural norms, and places to explore. As such, through the series, she hopes to share some of her findings and encourage discussion within the CCI community regarding what it's like to live in China.