CCI Holiday Fundraising Drive 2018

CCI Holiday Fundraising Drive

This holiday season…

This Holiday Season, CCI is asking for your help and generosity. As we head into the new year, CCI hopes to expand a lot more of our projects to better bring together our CCI Chinese adoptee community.

We need funds to:

  • Create a physical bound issue of our magazine

  • Subsidize local meet-up costs, such as location rentals, food, workshop materials and more

  • Renew our website, which hosts our lists of resources and programs

If you’ve ever found CCI to be a supportive community for you or your family.

If you’ve ever enjoyed reading our E-magazines or listening to our Guest Speaker Chats.

If CCI has helped you connect with the Chinese adoptee and greater international adoption communties.

If CCI has supported you throughout your unique adoptee journey and identity formation.

Please consider giving what you can. Even just a couple of dollars will help. We will be happy to acknowledge your support of the international Chinese adoptee community. Thank you so much for your continued support, and thank you for being an active member of the global Chinese adoptee community.

Donation Levels

(To be listed on our website)

Gold Donors $100

Silver Donors $50

Bronze Donors $25

Friends of CCI Any donation