Book club - January 2019

CCI Book Club

This year…

CCI will be hosting a virtual book club that is based online.


What: Online video-chat book club held over Google Hangouts for Chinese adoptees on Korean adoptee Nicole Chung’s recent memoir All You Can Ever Know

Who: Chinese adoptees over the age of 18

When: Two one-hour long sessions at pre-determined dates

Session One discussing pages 1 - 114: Thursday, January 17th, 2019 from 8-9 PM EST

Session Two discussing pages 114 - 225: Thursday, January 31st, 2019 from 8-9 PM EST

**Notes: You do not necessarily need to attend both sessions. There may be topics that we build on throughout the sessions, but the sessions can also stand by themselves, therefore you don’t necessarily need to attend the first session to attend the second or vice versa.**

How to sign up / participate: Sign up to provide your email through this form:

Be sure to complete the attached waiver (

Then come online 10 minutes before the determined date and time, and check the email address that you provided in the sign-up sheet; those who signed-up will be emailed a distinct link that will bring them directly into the private Google Hangouts video-chat.  Unlike our Guest Speaker chats, these video chats will NOT be live-streamed over YouTube and will NOT be recorded. Only the people in the chat will be able to see you.

Additionally, if you feel uncomfortable being on camera, you have the option to only use voice chat. You can do that by pressing the icon at the bottom that looks like a camera so that there is a line through it.

What will the video chat be like: The Monday before the chats, CCI moderators will send out a provisional outline for our discussion, including topics and agenda items. It will be, however, a flexible discussion that can be tailored to the interests of participants. CCI Moderators will be present at both sessions, leading the discussion and encouraging respectful, thoughtful discourse on aspects of the book such as thematic content, writing style, and ways in which the book resonates or does not resonate with our personal experience as adoptees. We are hoping to foster an open discussion with a wide-ranging breadth of views, allowing each participant to share their own views and also come away with fresh perspectives on the book that they had not thought of before.

Aim: The aim of the book club program is to bring Chinese adoptees together and further community dialogue through video-chat discussions of recent adoption related fiction and non-fiction.