Board and Committee Opportunities

Board Member Positions

The CCI Board is responsible for oversight and development of CCI as an organization.  Our team works closely together, meeting three or more times a month on Saturdays to discuss the big picture vision, strategy, and direction here at CCI.  What we're concerned with is CCI's present progress and future success.

  • Join a group of Chinese adoptee leaders passionate about the Chinese adoptee community
  • Design the future of the Chinese adoption community
  • Offer support and guidance to fellow leadership members
  • Sharpen your collaborative and analytic skills
  • Tackle real world problems and see your ideas in action

Board Positions open for 2018-2019:

Local Meet-ups Coordinator

  • Spearhead CCI’s American Local Meet-ups Program, a program that aims to build up strong local social communities of adoptees in major cities and cosmopolitan areas.

  • Familiarize self with local meet up efforts already taken to build local meet-ups program

  • Further develop and define key goals and offerings of the program

  • Potentially recruit and train local area leaders and offer adequate support and trouble-shooting for beginning local groups

  • Ensure that local meet-up programs align with CCI’s safety and quality standards

  • Create an evaluation and improvement system for local-meetups

  • Evaluate the program for success and, depending, actively consider ways for CCI to expand the program in future years


Campus Chapters Coordinator

  • Develop and expand CCI’s Campus Chapter Program, a program that aims to bring CCI’s values and mission to College Campuses through student groups

  • Familiarize self with work already done by previous CCI Campus Chapter Program

  • Actively expand the program such that member groups are gaining a significant return from being under CCI’s umbrella

  • Work closely with student groups that are launching CCI Campus Chapter Programs to support, troubleshoot, and guide in development.

  • Aid in consistent and effective evaluation of chapters and chapter presidents, as well as the CCI Campus Chapter Program on the whole

  • Hold a platform for Campus Chapter leaders to come together to share experience.

  • Evaluate the program for success and, depending, actively consider ways for CCI to expand the program in future years

COmmittee Member Positions

This year we’re bringing back the CCI Committee, distinct from the CCI Board. The CCI Committee is a dedicated, hardworking group of adoptees responsible for implementing specific individual projects. They will meet once a month to discuss their projects and present their progress and any difficulties that they may be having with the rest of the committee and the CCI Board.

Committee Positions open for Fall Term 2018:

Birth Parent Search Resources Coordinator

  • Develop useful and sustainable programs and resources related to birth parent searching for our CCI membership - more specifically, most likely an online forum for adoptees who have / or are currently searching for their biological parents.

  • Oversee implementation of programs

  • Responsible for enacting appropriate safety measures to keep our members safe and appropriate legal measures to keep our team safe

  • Evaluate the program for success and, depending, actively consider ways for CCI to expand the program in future years


E-Magazine and Newsletter Coordinator

  • Designate topic and theme for bi-annual E-Magazine that would be relevant and engaging for members

  • Recruit and train a seasonal team for the E-mag (Editors, designers)

  • Create a compelling list of pitches for article topics

  • Organize and finalize E-magazine for public consumption

  • Strategize publication of e-magazine to reach as many members as possible

  • Design and organize quarterly newsletters to keep CCI members in the loop with all of our projects through email


Fundraising Chair

  • Organize engaging and effective fundraisers for CCI

  • Keep track of CCI’s budget and money flow

  • Assist in developing CCI’s economic sustainability

  • Produce quarterly, detailed financial statements for the CCI Community


Discussion Facilitator

  • Initiate Facebook group discussion threads on relevant and pressing issues for adoptees only, but posted in the main group

  • Help engage adoptees and APs in discussion about race and adoptee issues

  • Interact with members as an organization, not just individual moderators

  • Include both positive and negative discussion threads for members looking for both

  • Keep CCI members current on events, partner organizations, upcoming projects, bio family searching advice, school and life advice, icebreakers for new members, research opportunities, and more

In order to apply, you MUST read our informational sheet here.


Special Projects Coordinators

Occasionally, CCI Board Members will assemble a special committee of highly dedicated, highly responsible, and extremely innovative Chinese adoptees to lead specific short term projects from conception to completion. This committee is separate from the CCI Board and Committee, and their meeting times are set at their own discretion. Examples of past Special Projects include planning for the CCI portion of the HTS Youth Conference. Our special project coordinator program is a great opportunity to see what a leadership position at CCI would be like and to get involved with a shorter - term commitment here at CCI. 

Check back often to see whether there are any new Special Project Committee opportunities. 

““I attended the China Care Conference held at Harvard University. It was a great opportunity to meet other people, present with other China’s Children International representatives, and attend adoptee-only session. I had the opportunity to met people from different China Care Clubs across the country. For the afternoon sessions I, along with Charlotte, Laney, and Laura, gave a presentation on how members of the China Care Clubs could support the adoptee community as mentors and how they could continue to support the adoptee community as the adoptees age. I spent the last part of the conference attending the adoptee only sessions. There was a presentation on “Getting Involved in the adoptee community,” which included a Skype call with members of Adopteen, and an adult adoptee panel who talked about their adoptee experiences. It was a great to listen to the stories of older adoptees and share my own experiences with other members of the adoptee community.”


- Lian B. Special Project Coordinator of CCI Portion of HTS Youth Conference.