ADoptee Only Chats

What are they

The chats are a platform that allows adoptees to meet other adoptees and discuss relevant topics regarding the adoptee experience. Our adoptee chats are held once a month for our adoptee-only  Facebook group and are run by our programs coordinator. They occur via Facebook Messenger (on a chat made the night-of) and adoptees can attend by selecting “going” on the event in the group. The chats take full-advantage of our e-community and are made to be accessible for all of our members. CCI aims to create a community that appreciates our common beginning. Our adoptee-only chats make a large group feel a bit smaller.


Examples of past chat Topics

  • July 2018 | Asian Representation in Art
  • May 2018 | Discussing an article written by an adoptee entitled "Genes aren't destiny, and other things I've learned from being adopted"
  • April 2018 | Transracial Identity
  • March 2018 | Gotcha Day
  • February 2018 | Olympics and Lunar New Year 
  • October 2017 | Future of CCI