Participate in the 1st Edition of CCI’s Birth Parent Search Manual

Summer 2016

Dear Reader,

         On behalf of China’s Children International, Jenna Cook from the film Somewhere Between and CCI Co-Founder/President Laney Allison are pleased to announce the creation of a Birth Parent Search Manual. The purpose of creating such a manual is to provide a comprehensive, free, and accessible guide that serves as a resource for Chinese adoptees who are interested or currently in the process of searching for their birth parents.  In the future, we plan to update the guide annually so that the information reflects the most current situation in China, and includes recent insights from the new group of adoptees that begin searching each year.  The first edition release date has yet to be announced. Please stay tuned for further details.

         As two Chinese adoptees who have been searching for 4 and 6 years respectively, and have yet to find our birth families, we wanted to volunteer our time to create the manual that we wish we had as a resource when we began searching years before. Our role as editors will be to collect, compile, and organize the manual content, but in order to create the most comprehensive manual we need your help.

         Regardless of the present status of your search--if you just started or have been searching for many years-- your experience is valuable knowledge. Each and every one of us has a unique search story as we all come from different parts of China and know varying information about our own pasts. The more insights you contribute, the more useful the final product can be to the entire community of Chinese adoptees who are searching for their birth families.

         We hope the manual will encompass all aspects of the searching process: how to track down files, utilize social media, navigate DNA testing, and more.  In addition, to a practical discussion of searching methods, we hope that the manual can also begin to address important emotional questions, such as: How do I know if I am ready to begin searching?  What does it mean to search and not find?  What is a “successful” search? 

         Attached is the survey we created.  Submissions are due by 8/31/2016.  Please feel free to contact us with questions or comments at  By generously sharing “what you wished you knew,” you are helping the next generation of Chinese adoptees.

CCI Birth Parent Search Manual Questionnaire

With thanks,

Jenna Cook          Laney Allison